Hiking Through Tierra Del Fuego National Park

Tierra Del Fuego

Our initial idea for this journey was to travel as much as possible by train. Soon we discovered, however, that there were hardly any trains around in South America anymore. The ones that are left, are mostly converted into tourist trains, like El Tren del Fin del Mundo (The Train Of The End Of The World) near Ushuaia, the southernmost city of Argentina.

Although we heard this train is supposed to be quite touristy, we decided to use it as a means of transport to get into Tierra Del Fuego National Park anyways, also to have a bit the feeling that we did travel by train after all. The train-ride was indeed quite touristy, but at the same time quite educational, as it gave a good insight in the history of the area. Did you for example know that it was here, that they brought their prisoners to work in camps –  in winter under the extreme weather circumstances – in the past?

Once we arrived at the train’s end-stop we continued our trip into the park for the first hike of our journey. It was a fairly easy hike to start with. While walking along the shore we came across stunning views over Bahia Lapataia and the Beagle Channel, an area that was explored by the renown naturalist and geologist Charles Darwin himself long time ago. It also lead us to the most southern post-office of the South American continent in Puerto Guarani.


You can reach Tierra del Fuego National Park from Ushuaia either by bus or a combination of bus and El Tren Del Fin Del Mundo.

The best period to travel to Ushuaia is from December to March, when it is summer in Argentina and the weather is generally perfect for most activities like hiking, horseback riding and cruises through the Beagle Channel.

When you’re here during the Argentinian winter – June to September -, there’s a high chance that you’ll not see any wildlife around, as many animals will have migrated to warmer territories.

To get to and from Ushuaia you can either fly directly from Buenos Aires, or take a bus or a ferry into the rest of Argentina or Chile. Buses in Argentina and Chile are generally of good standard, as the conditions of the roads are. The harsh weather in this part of Argentina affects the roads however. Therefore, transport by bus around this area may be a bit rocky once in a while.





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