Our visit to Rio de Janeiro coincided with the Rio + 20 summit (the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development), skyrocketing the prices of hotel rooms and bringing some interesting exhibitions around the theme sustainability into town. The Eco Green fish made out of numerous plastic bottles at Botafogo’s beach was one of them. Pictures of this object were distributed throughout the world with Pão de Açúcar – one of Rio’s landmarks – at the background, making the fish serve as a worldwide symbol of the Rio + 20.

While bussing to Botafogo it crossed my mind why this beach was chosen as the location for this object, whereas Rio de Janeiro knows more popular beaches such as the ones of Ipanema (above) and Copacabana, which would likely draw more attention to the summit than the chosen location.

Seeing the Coca Cola office at the other side of the street as soon as I arrived at Botafogo beach, I could not refrain from speculating if Coca Cola would somehow be connected to the Eco Green fish. A subtil hint towards Coca Cola to be more involved with the topic sustainability seemed fairly illogical, Coca Cola being one of the multinationals taking part in the Rio + 20 and having sustainability high upon its corporate agenda. Could it be an unbranded marketing campaign of Coca Cola, maybe? Nothing is impossible. Whatever the answer may be, the slogan next to the fish did match with the dissapointing outcome of the summit:  it seems to be left to companies and citizens alike to work towards a more sustainable world now that governments don’t seem to have the topic high on their priority list.

As far as the fish and the question about the location are concerned, fact is that details about the creator or any other relevant details are nowhere to be found. Happen to know more? Let me know!


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