Brazil-Brasilia-Niemeyer-Museum-WM-LB06 Arriving in Brasília, Brazil feels like arriving in another country, maybe even another time period. A structured, organized and futuristic city, or should I say a monotonous and communistic one? The city definitely invokes a mixed bag of feelings.

Being fascinated by the works of the Brazilian architect Oscar Niemeyer since Curitiba, a visit to Brazil’s capital could not be missed out on and so we made a bit of a detour inland, following my tendency to travel quite some extra miles just to see special modern architecture, art or design.

Brazil-Brasilia-Oscar-Niemeyer-CongresBrasília – built during the fifties to replace Rio de Janeiro as the capital of Brazil – was designed after a plan that looked quite practical and somewhat utopian – dividing the city into zones; a residential zone, a hotel zone, a commercial zone and so on.

Oscar Niemeyer played an important role in creating the city scape, when he got the assignment to design most of the public buildings in the so-called centre of power. By applying his characteristic style to the design of these buildings, a futuristic yet elegant feel was given to especially the city centre.

Brazil-Brasilia-Oscar-Niemeyer-Palacio-Claimed to be very convenient for its inhabitants and likely also for visitors who like to see the city’s main attractions, our experience of staying in one of the residential zones far away from everything made us think a bit differently about the practicality of this division into zones.  You can read more about this on Newtown News From South America.

For more pictures of Niemeyer’s work, have a look at the Niteroi’s UFO, In Niemeyer’s Eye and Ibirapuera Park posts on this blog or just visit the photo gallery of Brazil.


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