Venezuela’s Stunning Coastline

You would almost say Venezuela has it all as far as stunning nature concerns. La Gran Sabana in the Southern part of the country is, for example, one of the most impressive regions I have come across these almost ten months of travelling, at least as far as natural beauty concerns.

Venezuela’s coastline is well worth a visit or more as well. You will probably have heard about Isla Margarita, a popular tourist destination in front of Venezuela’s coast. But there is more to see here, for example the island group Los Roques and Mochima National Park. The first one is somewhat more expensive to visit, the second one is easier accessible and more affordable.

Mochima National Park – which we visited – covers almost 95,000 hectares and has been created to protect the Caribbean Sea marine landscapes and the mountain forest of the Turimiquire Range.

Yet, it is said to be one of the most threatened parks in Venezuela due to some large construction projects planned, pollution and a non-functioning park management.

From our base, Santa Fe, we took a boat to the different islands with beautiful beaches and bays belonging to the park. A weird sensation after the canoe accident near the Angel Falls , but well they say you have to jump on the same horse immediately again, don’t they?


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