When Choices Are Being Made For You – Our Angel Falls Accident

Sometimes travels take a different course than you planned, either voluntarily or forced upon you.

During this year’s travels our initial plan has changed various times, because of amongst others new insights, interests and unexpected surprises.

CanaimaWhere we were initially planning to travel from the most Southern point of the Americas up to the most Northern train-station at the continent, all in eight months, we soon realised that this plan did not fit our travel style, our curiosity made us want to stay at places longer than planned. We often like to take our time to soak up a country in depth and to get to know a culture better.

Our travel itinerary will therefore likely be shorter than initially thought. Colombia or just a little bit further up north will be the end of this journey, fairly soon to be decided where.

So far for voluntarily choices.

Once in a while the choices are made for you without you having a say in it. That is unfortunately our story as for our planned visit to the Angel Falls in Venezuela.

CanaimaWe were all set to see the tallest uninterrupted waterfall in the world and one morning we left Ciudad Bolivar to fly to Canaima in the middle of the Venezuelan jungle.

To Canaima we arrived. Unfortunately we never made it to the Angel Falls. An adventurous boat accident came in between. At that moment one of the worst nightmares of a photographer happened: cameras and all fell into the water.

Miraculously my camera survived. While trying to swim ashore through the strong currents the hero of this story – my partner-in-crime – managed to hold the plastic bag that contained all our cameras. Being packed away in two plastic bags and a towel – something pretty unusual to my usual routine, but just anticipating some extra drops from the different waterfalls – my camera would be the only one to survive of all the cameras in the group.

CanaimaYet, one thing was missing: the memory card with all pictures taken of Canaima the day before we left to see Salto Angel. This one probably sank to the bottom of the river together with all our other stuff.

So I could say, too bad, no pictures, no post, no word about this idyllic yet unfortunate place on this blog. But that would mean that a part of our journey would be missing. A part that had quite some impact on our travelling the weeks after.

Luckily my partner managed to save his pictures of Canaima itself and thanks to him I am able to show you this tiny little place in the midst of Canaima National Park.

Apart from the famous Salto Angel there are a number of other falls in this lush green area. The view of these falls shortly before landing in Canaima is simply said stunning. All in all it is quite an impressive place for sure.

A detailed account of what happened on our way to Salto Angel can be found on my partner’s website http://www.newtown-news.com.


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