Lines In The Desert

It is definitely not an everyday activity for us to jump from a night bus  on to an early morning flight without any reservations, but sometimes things are arranged quickly and then you just go for it.

And so we suddenly sat on one of these little Cessnas to fly over the Nazca desert to see some mysterious figures. These mysterious figures – together referred to as the Nazca lines – depict among others a monkey, a whale, hummingbirds, a spider and a human being or what is sometimes referred to as an astronaut.

The Nazca lines are surrounded by a lot of speculations and theories ever since their discovery and while flying over the lines you can’t help questioning:

What was the purpose of these lines, how were these figures with sizes over 200 meters made in this rocky landscape and how were they kept so in tact?

The answers to the last two questions are actually relatively simple. Scholars believe that these lines were created by the Nazca culture in between 400 and 650 AD. They removed the reddish pebbles from the rocky surface and in this way uncovered the whitish/ greyish ground beneath. Because of the dry, windless and stable climate of the plateau as well as its isolation the lines could be preserved during many years.

To the first question many are still in the dark though. Where some believe the purpose of the lines is religious, there are others that claim the lines to form irrigation schemes or giant astronomical calendars.

Research still continues up to date with new theories being developed. Recently a team of investigators revealed a new theory in which they suggest, that the real importance of some of the lines might have been in the creation of the lines rather than any subsequent physical use.*

Whatever is the truth, these gigantic figures in such a remote location is still an impressive sight.

*Source: The Daily Galaxy.


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