When the height hits in, the question is will you do it, or better put, are you able to do it.

Travelling in a mountainous region is no joke, at least if you are speaking about the Cordillera Blanca, Peru and many other regions in Peru and Bolivia. It is surely different in the European mountains, in which you are generally only high up for a short time and transported by chair lifts and the like. But let’s set that aside.


This year of travelling we have been faced with altitude sickness quite often, for example on Lake Titicaca or in Huacachina. It is something your body does not easily adapt to and is unpredictable over and over again. Yet, to see certain things you have to make sacrifices, right? The expression ‘no pain, no gain’ doesn’t come out of nowhere.


The Cordillera Blanca – or more precisely Parque Nacional Huascaran – is, however, worth all efforts. After all, your mind often seems to forget the pain, but remembers the beautiful views it has seen. It is remarkable how our brains work every time again.


There are many one- or multiple day treks possible in the park. We chose for the one up to Laguna 69. For those who wonder where this name comes from, I am sorry to disappoint you… no juicy story here. While mapping all the beautiful lakes in this region, this lake was simply the 69th lake they numbered. At least that’s the story we have been told …


While hiking up to the lake, the views of the surroundings are pretty impressive. Waterfalls, high snow-peaked mountains, little streams, wild meadows and some lost cows. The ultimate treat will be waiting at a height of 4600 meters: the turquoise coloured Laguna 69.



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