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The-Netherlands-Amsterdam-Light-Festival-2013-Drawn-In-Light-Lydian-BrunstingWith the dark winter days ahead of us the Amsterdam Light Festival is a welcome initiative to light up the Dutch capital during the months of December and January.

The festival that got Oprah Winfrey To Say Wow the first time it was organized, is currently organized for a second time and on until the 19th of January 2014.

The-Netherlands-Amsterdam-Light-Festival-2013-Doubletree-Lydian-BrunstingWhen you happen to be in town and have time to enjoy the festival, you have different options to see all illuminated objects and buildings, all pretty much in Amsterdam-style:

The-Netherlands-Amsterdam-Light-Festival-2013-Hermitage-Lydian-Brunsting The-Netherlands-Amsterdam-Light-Festival-2013-We-Light-Amsterdam-Lydian-BrunstingWith a fairly compact city centre one option is to walk or cycle the walking route The Illuminade, going past some of Amsterdam’s pretty canals and areas, such as the Amstel with its Hermitage, Carre and the Stopera. Reportedly, walking this route should take you about two hours.

The-Netherlands-Amsterdam-Light-Festival-2013-Scheepvaartmuseum-Lydian-BrunstingAnother option is to take one of the canal boats, which will take you along the boat route The Water Colours, Amsterdam’s canals and canal houses. An option that makes you see Amsterdam from a whole different side, one of the activities that’s for sure one of my favourite options.

The-Netherlands-Amsterdam-Light-Festival-2013-Dome-Lydian-Brunsting The-Netherlands-Amsterdam-Light-Festival-2013-Beware-Of-The-Dog-Lydian-BrunstingThe most interesting option for photographers – amateur or pro – is the Special for the Photography Lovers, which is on every day from 5pm to 11pm until the 19th of January 2014, starting at Central Station.

Make sure to bring your tripod for some sharp illuminated pictures when you like to document the festival. Without a tripod the chance for blurry pictures is high ..

The-Netherlands-Amsterdam-Light-Festival-2013-Illuminated-Car-Lydian-Brunsting The-Netherlands-Amsterdam-Light-Festival-2013-Lightscape-Lydian-BrunstingWould you like to read some background information on the festival, make sure to check out the article Amsterdam Light Festival 2013, Everything’s Illuminated at the Art Weekenders website.


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