Travel Photo Competition 2013: The Entries

First of all, I’d like to send a big thank you to all participants to the Travel Photo Competition 2013 for sending in your pictures.

When I started this first photo competition mid November I did not know what to expect, how many entries I would receive and what the quality of the pictures would be, but I can tell you that it exceeded my expectations by far. I was pleased to see entries coming in from all over the world, and I was often amazed by the quality of the travel portraits sent in.

As I figured there’s a lot to learn from many of the contestants, I have asked some of you for tips and tricks to make better travel portraits and I will share these with you coming weeks. I hope these will be useful for anyone who likes to improve his or her travel portrait skills too.

Last but not least, a short word about the three winners to be picked in the coming weeks. Based upon the entries you’ll see below, I can tell you it will not be an easy task limiting my choice to only three pictures and thus, any external opinion is welcome. So, let me know, what is your top three?

Here’ s – once again –  the full overview of all inspiring travel portraits submitted for the Travel Photo Competition 2013 with the theme Travel Portrait.

#Photo by Gill Williams:


This photo was taken of a young girl from the Karen Long Neck tribe, in Chang Mai, Thailand. Most people know of the Karen people from documentaries, magazines and encyclopedias as the “long-neck” or “giraffe” tribe. The women who wear these brass rings on their neck belong to a sub-group of the Karen known as the Padaung. There is a myth that these rings elongate the wearer’s neck, but this not correct. There are several reasons as to why the tribe wear the rings, including to prevent being bitten by tigers and to make the women unattractive so they are less likely to be captured by slave traders. Although, the most common explanation is the opposite — an extra-long neck is considered a sign of great beauty and wealth and that it will attract a better husband.

#Photo by Shirsendu Sengupta:



This photo was taken in a remote Indian village during my travels. The smiling faces of these boys describe that there are hundred languages in the world, but a smile says all.

#Photo by Martín Bordagaray:


The sij

A sij old man of Amritsar, India, during a pilgrimage to the sacred Golden Temple.

#Photo by Misaki Nakayama:

Travel-Portrait-Competition-Shoutography-Photocontest- Misaki-Nakayama

I shot this photo in Jaffna, Sri Lanka, where one of the big battle fields of the Civil War was. The kids were a little bit afraid of us, but after some communication, they showed us these lovely smiles.

#Photo by Nick Jackson:


Farmer from the Anti-Atlas Mountains.

I’d been trekking under the heat of the Moroccan sun for a few hours when I encountered this farmer standing outside his home. He wasn’t old but his face showed the wear of working all day in heat outside in the fields. His expression made me think that that life was far from easy as he toiled away to feed his family.

#Photo by Sampa Guha Majumdar:


Shadhu baba (Monk)

I took this picture at the Babughat, Kolkata, West Bengal, India. The Gangasagar fair and pilgrimage is held annually on the Sagar Island’s southern tip in the Ganges delta atop of the Bay of Bengal. The Gangasar mela is the second largest congregation of mankind after the Kumbh mela. Every year on the day of Makar Sankranti (mid of January), hundreds of thousands of Hindus gather to take a holy dip at the confluence of river Ganges and Bay of Bengal and offer puja in the Kapil MuniTemple. Babughat (Outram ghat), in Kolkata, serves as the base camp for the pilgrims before they start their journey downriver.

#Photo by Mushfiqul alam Tanvin:


I took this photo in Narayanganj. This girl lives in a brick field. The children who live in a brick field don’t get education and a healthy life. But this girl looks happy. I took this photo while she was playing with her friends.

#Photo by Ilona Kubajewska:


The picture presents a one man band street performer on the streets of Florence, Italy. The people around him are in a rush, busy with their own things. No-one seems to take notice of him. Only one little boy looks truly captivated by the performer’s efforts to entertain the crowd.

#Photo by Jade Johnston (http://www.ouroyster.com):


Driving in Albania is an adventure. Potholes, crazy drivers, no rules, and of course, donkeys. It is common to see donkeys and carts strolling down the highway. This man was happy for us to get out of our car and take a photo of him as he headed out to the fields for the day.

#Photo by Biswajit Patra:


This is a very common composition for many photographers, but here I have added a little twist to it. The rich, bright vibrance of yellow mustard flowers, the beautiful innocent smiles on the faces, and the bonus of the hair of this little girl flipping, have all given a bit more to the image.The children in the field celebrate the full bloom of the harvest in the field. Shot taken in Deganga villagle, West Bengal, India.

#Photo by Divanka Randula Podduwage:


Of course this picture looks too overexposed, but this is how I wanted it, since the overexposed background makes the surroundings pure white, which is the color of purity, innocence, wholeness and completion . So I used this technique and some cropping to evoke these feelings with the viewer. The focus of the picture is now on the portrait of the mother, who carries her little kid in her arms, her feeling for her child and the little infant’s pure emotions of that moment. I believe the photo shows the purity of a mother’s love and the bond between mother and child.

#Photo by Wim Van Herpen:


Bautznerstrasse, Dresden.

#Photo by Troy Swanson:


Sunset on Shivratri at Maha Kumbh Mela 2013, Allahabad, India. It was nice to experience the faith of so many on the last days of Maha Kumbh.

#Photo by Yasaman Iranmanesh:


An old man, near his sheep, in Kang Village, Iran.

#Photo by Stephanie Carlos:


I took this picture in Pendle Hill after having been out of the United Kingdom for 2 years, realising that there is no place like home, having friends and family around you and stunning scenery.

#Photo by Kuntal Kumar Roy:


A potter awaiting for tourists in the hilly area of Kashmir in India.

#Photo by Sai Krishnan:


This is a random photo of a passer-by during my travels in Chennai.

#Photo by Nel Reuling:


Me gusta mi carro! I love my car!

I was in Havana, Cuba, in February 2011. Everyone up there loves his car, and even tries to make it look better than it is.

#Photo by Franske Hovinga:


When travelling on the island of Djerba, Tunesia, I saw this lady and her family working in a field. They invited me to join them and offered me couscous with chicken. Djerba managed to retain its traditional customs, as is shown by the clothes, headscarf and jewelry worn by the lady in this picture. However, it is mostly shown by the hospitality she and her family offered me.

#Photo by Mateusz Rzewuski:


I took this photo during traveling to Aleksandrow Kujawski (Poland). Next to the railway station I saw a man on a bench and I decided to talk with him a little bit and then to take a photo of him. I got to know that he lost his eye when he was working as a smith.

#Photo by Inder Parkash:


An Old Lady of Jaisalmer.

#Photo by G. Serenity:


The elderly man in the picture, a person close to me while on the same familiar route he takes for years, is dressed in his traditional, somewhat worn-out clothes in contrast with the modernised design of the train. His patient, silent expression is also in contrast with the high-speed train he is on, making this seemingly common everyday scene a travel portrait not only in terms of moving through places, but travelling between time periods in the fast-changing rural areas of Greece.

#Photo by Sudhakar vvs Kotteda:


I have taken this picture when I was working in Leh, Ladakh, India. I used to tour to various places in Ladakh. This picture is of an old Ladakhi woman, taken at Likstey village.

#Photo by Nicolas Economou (www.onphoto.gr):


This is an image taken in the Manikarnika Ghat in Varanasi (India). This man was the older priest of a little Shiva Temple and he was welcoming us, as our guide was familiar to him. There is a whole different, strange and unique world out there that we can discover, even in the 21st century.

#Photo by Balint Hudecz (nubianlachlan.tumblr.com):


Camel herders at Birqash camel market near Cairo, Egypt. The market is one of the biggest of its kind. Camels are annually herded up the Darb al-Arba’in, the famous 40 Day Road. The ancient caravan route starts in Sudan and ends in Birqash.

#Photo by Ioana Boldea:


This photo was taken in Kenya, in a Masai village full of beautiful children. I liked how all children were different and that they were all very energetic and enthusiastic. They all seemed to want something though and it made me realize how their lives look like. Overall it was an amazing experience, Kenya is a beautiful country with so much joy, music, warmth and passion. It was fantastic observing these children in their habitat!

#Photo by Mohammad Fahim Ahamed Riyad:


Near Hatirjheel, Dhaka one can see people living in colourful houses. In this photo you can see a woman in one of the windows talking on the phone.

#Photo by Amber Aarts:


I made this picture in Thailand, I went there a few months after I got my first camera ever. We went to a little village where they put a ring on their neck for every year they have lived. None of the girls showed any emotion, until this girl gave me a subtle smile. This is absolutely the best picture I made that day. It has been one of the best experiences ever for me.

#Photo by Chinmoy Biswas:


This image was captured at a ‘ghat’ of Varanasi, the holy city of India. This Saint was travelling along the ‘ghat’ wearing his remarkable dress. He posed upon my request.

#Photo by Puranjit Gangopadhyay (http://puranjitphotography.weebly.com/):


This photograph is shot in the tribal belt of Orissa, India. The tribal lady is wearing the traditional jewellery. She is very jovial and her happiness is reflected in her face.

#Photo by Sam Ivin (http://samivin.co.uk/):


Blurred Baby

This “Blurred Baby” was taken at the Red Fort in Jaipur, India.

#Photo by Aleksandar Aleksic:


Spiderman From Early Days

I made this shot on the entrance of the old city in Budva, Montenegro. The boy was enjoying his day with his parents.

#Photo by Giulia de Jong:Travel-Portrait-Competition-Shoutography-Photocontest-Giulia-de-Jong

Mila lived most of the time between the fires of the Yugoslav war. She raised her grandson while his parents died in the war. Without speaking she is the main source and warmth of the family. Because of her background precense and her taking care of the basics in life she gives her family the chance to rebuild their lifes.

#Photo by Gabriela Iacobuta:


I took this photograph in an orphanage in Sumbawanga, Tanzania. We were invited to a special occasion, as they were celebrating the ‘Boys Day’. The young children who were playing and dancing on the loud music, enjoyed themselves a lot.

#Photo by Plabon Das:


The Backstage Story

I captured this portrait during my recent tour to Sundarban, West Bengal, India. Sundarban, a forest of mangrove trees, is a famous travel location in Bengal. During our travels we watched a Jatra Pala (Stage Drama), locally called ‘Bonbibi Pala’, and I captured the reflection of one of the performers with his makeup backstage.

#Photo by Hiren Patel:


I took this photo during my last travels to Andaman and Nicobar. These people were making a barbecue for us, I saw something different and clicked. My friends asked me if I was crazy clicking everywhere and anyone and anything. I replied: photographers are like that.

#Photo by Amitava Chandra:


The family members of a Chameleon art performer are getting prepared in their little hut before setting-out for a new day to earn their livelihood. As the entire world is being affected by the invasion of new types and formats of entertainment, this traditional art genre is almost extinct and the number of performers are now very limited. Nowadays these performers usually earn very little, and perform during journeys in passenger trains and buses, showing their deeply rooted passion for this art.

#Photo by Erika Komp:


This picture was taken during my travels to Iceland. We had traveled to a small village to tour and meet the locals. Outside of a fresh flower house stood these two bubbly young girls trying to sell us flowers. Dressed in traditional Icelandic clothing they were very eager to find where I was from. America, I told them. Smiles glowed and they asked all about america, because the only life they knew about was theirs. Which is a traditional Icelandic heritage.

#Photo by Maarten Boersema (www.boersemabeeldtaal.nl):


I’ve attached a photo of a mama with daughter in a clinic in a rural area of Mozambique.

#Photo by Ben Carpenter:


This shot was taken in Varanasi, India. Its of one of the many Sadhu, religious people, that inhabit the city. I saw him as I was wondering around the town, and knew straight away that his character would make an excellent photograph. For me it really sums the city of Varanasi.

#Photo by Rajarshi Chowdhury:


Friends Forever

The bond of brotherhood says cheers to camaraderie.The two boys bathe in a lake in a remote village of Karnataka, India.

#Photo by Eric Chan:


This is one of my favourite traveling photo here taken here in train station in Brussels

#Photo by Partha Sarathi Sarkar:

Travel-Portrait-Competition-Shoutography-Photocontest- Partha-Sarathi-Sarkar:

An old couple traveling in a local train.

#Photo by Maksi Paranggi:


This photo was taken when I was exploring the Jolotundo area in Indonesia. Jolotundo is a spring that is believed by many to be the source of eternal youth. Anyone who bathes or drinks water from Jolotundo will be ageless.

#Photo by Sagar Shiriskar:


The temple of Bhuleshwar located atop a small hill on the outskirts of Pune is a shrine dedicated to Lord Shiva, built in the 13th century. Besides its picturesque beauty, the shrine has an almost ethereal feel to it, something that has enchanted generations of devotees. Each sculpture and pillar is carved exquisitely, while the grey rock lends a keen austerity to the temple. A sight that greeted me when I first visited the temple late one afternoon was that of an ash-covered, rudraksha-laden sadhu with dreadlocks nearly reaching his feet, wandering about the shrine. He seemed to have a deep attachment to the place; as if he belonged there. However when I tried to follow him and speak to him, he refused to respond. Intrigued by this behavior, I tried to seek out the cause by speaking to the devotees who were there that day. Everyone had their shot at the story until this old lady enlightened us with what appeared to be the ‘real’ tale behind the silent ascetic. She told us that the sadhu believed he was a reincarnation of Lord Shiva, after he survived a snake bite a few years ago. Since then, he has refused to utter a single word and has vowed to keep silent for eleven years to come. Whether the story is completely plausible or not is insignificant. For me, he seemed to represent what the place stood for- unrelenting faith in a world full of chaos. After following him for some time, I got the photograph that I was looking for.

#Photo by Arkamitra Roy (http://arkamitra-roy.artistwebsites.com/):


This particular photo was taken in Yangshuo, a small town along the scenic Li River in the Guanxi province of China. This man is a cormorant fisherman, and the bird next to him is a cormorant. Cormorant fishing is a dying livelihood, because it cannot compete against the mechanized bulk fishing that is the norm everywhere. These poor fishermen supplement their income by posing for photos with tourists. This particular photograph is candid.

#Photo by Nimai Chandra Ghosh:


These village children are enjoying the beautiful green nature.

#Photo by Kirsten Quist:


Streets of Kolkata

This elderly street fellow lived near the home I worked at while I lived in India. Every day I saw him and each day I was too shy to ask for his photograph. During my last week in Kolkata I finally got the courage to go up and get a photo. It was well worth it.

#Photo by Rohit Adlakha:


This image was made in a small city called Pushkar, Rajasthan, India. The style of clothes of these women attracted me to shoot a picture of them and in fraction of second I captured their expression after which I moved on to the next place. I like to capture candid moments, because it shows the personality of the subject.

#Photo by Aneek Mustafa Anwar:


This photo is a portrait of a Captain of a local passenger boat in Khulna, Bangladesh. It was shot during my trip on his boat to the Sundarbans, the largest mangrove forest in the world.

#Photo by Jacek Oleksinski:


A fruit seller in Istanbul.

#Photo by Paul Snijders (www.paulsnijders.eu):


This images was made in Goma, DR Congo.

#Photo by Annigje Franssen:


This is an old Bedouin man, living deep in the Sinai Desert of Egypt. He smokes roll-up cigarettes and lights them with a piece of wood, lit by fire. Amazingly enough, nobody really knew the age of this man, but he is so remarkable that I had to send in this photograph.

#Photo by Rafael Hernandez (rhexperience.wordpress.com):


Racing the Sun.

A tailor for a secondary school races against the sun to sew the last school uniform of the day.

#Photo by Prashanta Kumar Saha (www.prashanta-hridoy.com):


I took this picture in Bhandarban, Bangladesh. The monk is enjoying his playing time. I tried to capture his smiling face.

#Photo by Brad Hammonds:


Big Dreams

I snapped this photo while traveling in Prague, Czech Republic.

#Photo by Jere Chong:


While at the Philippines typhoon Haiyan relief trip, not only our team of doctors provided medical help. We decided to throw a Christmas carnival for the people of Estancia; IloIlo, that included Carnival games, free redeemable snacks, lucky draw prizes, but of course, Santa! Looking at these kids, you can almost tell how much fun they are having already!

Photo by Rajendar Pegadapalli:

Travel-Portrait-Competition-Shoutography-Photocontest-Rajendar-Pegadapalli #Photo by Saul de Jongh:


I made this shot a while back on a trip to Bali Indonesia. I love how innocent the girl smiles in the picture. Every time I see it, I have a smile on my face.

#Photo by Debdatta Chakraborty:


The Flower cultivators of West Bengal become busy with the onset of winter because the chill in the air helps the plants to grow.

#Photo by B.A.N. Nandan:


I took this picture of a staring tribe member in a remote tribal village in India.

#Photo by Nadia Islam Nitul:


This lady I met last year when I visited Nepal for a youth project. I met her in Bhaktapur near Banepa, a district far from Khatmundu, the capital of Nepal. Bhaktapur is an ancient city with many historic monuments. There are also many old men and women walking around wearing very colorful dresses and accessories . They were trying to attract and entertain tourists by dancing and singing and would ask money for this. As they are homeless people, it is the only way for them to earn money to feed themselves. Their age is a boundary, but the strength they carry inside their souls, makes them look young.

#Photo by Chris Mammone:


This image is of a trader at the Spice Market in Old Delhi.

#Photo by Yogesh Pawar:


This photo was taken in Alandi, Pune, India, where “Vasudev” or “Vasudeo” wear conical caps of peacock’s feather. The real Vasudev was the father of Lord Krishna and it is said that he used to wear such cap. The Vasudev now move from village to village. They sing heart-touching traditional songs when they move from home to home. In the villages they collect rice, wheat etc. from the homes. However nowadays they also come to cities and collect money by going from home to home. But yes, I like to hear them early in the morning. It sounds very cozy when I hear their crystal clear voice. They are considered a nomadic tribe in Maharashtra and normally worship Khandoba of Jejuri (Maharashtra) and Ambabai of Kolhapur.

#Photo by Ioana Urseanu:


I took this shot on January 2nd 2014, during a walk in Cape Town, South Africa. It was a great holiday and we enjoyed the weather, beautiful nature and warm atmosphere. We came across a group of dancers/singers and we could not leave for a while. It was fascinating to listen to them, but also to admire their beautiful African outfits. Great handmade decorations! Great country!

#Photo by Gail Johnson:


These kids were playing outside high up in the Himalayas. All they wanted was a sweet, but when I saw their rotten pointed teeth, I just couldn’t allow their teeth to rot even more.

#Photo by Renate Tibben:


Masai on the beach in Kenia.

#Photo by Fernanda Curiel García:

Travel Portrait

These guards at the Palazzo Venezia in Rome, Italy, can’t move nor express anything during their guard hours, but one of them turned to my camera and his look makes the picture interesting.

#Photo by Asit Kumar Ghatak:


This shot was taken during an open air performance of Chou dance at Eden Gardens in Kolkata.

#Photo by Eelko Knuivers:


This shot is made in the Silver Mines in Potosí, Bolivia, 30 meters underground. Under bad circumstances these workers still had to work (4000 meters above see level with little oxygen at this height, no day light and no safety regulations in the mines). We bought a fair amount of coca leaves (little green bags on the picture) and alcohol for the miners, as a gratitude I could take this picture.

#Photo by René Piersma:


I made this picture in Cuba in november 2013, when I was cycling from Santa Clara to Sanctu Spiritus. I saw this mother and son on a horse coming towards me aside the road and they where looking so happy, so I jumped off my bike and made a few photos. For me it’s a good portrait of the love from a mother to her son.

#Photo by Tom Baeten:


Two priests walking down the street in Florence, Italy.

#Photo by Tarun Kumar:

Shoutography-Travel-Portrait-Competition #Photo by Tjeerd Visser:


This picture is made in Senegal. In a little village called Sakone. These kids are always happy!

#Photo by Ellen Wissink:


I made this picture at a wedding in Takayama, Japan. This girl is dressed as a traditional Japanese bride.

#Photo by Annemieke de Blois:


The picture of this monk was taken at Tango Goemba in Bhutan which I visited spring last year. This goemba (or monastery) was built in the 15th century by Drukpa Kunley (‘the Divine Madman’) and is currently the highest centre of Buddist learning in Bhutan. These days it is the home of an important ‘trulku’ (reincarnated lama) who is recognised as the 7th reincarnation of the 4th desi, or ruler, of Bhutan. During my visit to the monastery I was lucky enough to be blessed by this ‘trulku’.

#Photo by Marjana Papež:


During my journey through Slovenia I saw this woman strapping a rabbit.

#Photo by Esmeralda Baron:


While travelling through Zeeland, my daughters dressed up with the local dress to be Walcheren girls for just a little moment. It created a lot of fun.

#Photo by Rabin Chakrabarti:


This picture was taken in a remote village of West Bengal during my routine travelling. The photo was taken during summer, that is why the old man was bare bodied.

#Photo by Arindam Dutta:

Shoutography-Travel-Portrait-Competition-Arindam-Dutta #Photo by Tijs de Boer:


I shot this photo with a simple Nikon compact camera during my trip to Rembang, Java, Indonesia, for Plan Nederland.

#Photo by Judith Van De Laar:


I made this pictures during my trip in SOuth-Africa, where I went to Lesotho for one day. This man was riding his horse in his traditional clothes!

#Photo by Aleksandra Durdyń:


I took this photo in Jodhpur, the blue city of India. The lady on a balcony represents the dignity and colorful diversity of Indian culture.

#Photo by Krist Korstjens:


This picture was taken in a small and desolated village on the road from Uyuni to Tupiza in Bolivia.

#Photo by Mirjam Midden:


This picture is made in december 2013, during my trip in Myanmar. The child is covered with Thanakha. Thanaka is a yellowish-white cosmetic paste made from ground bark. It’s a distinctive feature of Myanmar seen commonly applied to the face and sometimes the arms of women and girls and to a lesser extent men and boys. Since ancient times Burmese women have used the wood and bark extensively as a natural cosmetic, sunscreen, skin preservation treatment, and insect repellent. Applying Thanakha to the face and skin makes it smooth, clear, and cool. It constricts the pores and controls oiliness due to its natural moisterizing & anti-oxidant properties.

#Photo by Michael Cleary:


I took this outside the Forbidden City in Beijing i just liked the way the boy was dwarfed by the imperial red walls. Its a fascinating place.

#Photo by Richard Zuiderveld:

Shoutography-Travel-Portrait-Competition-Richard Zuiderveld

I took this picture two years ago at a festival in the village of Bandipur, Nepal. There is something mysterious about the smile of this man that caught my eye, it could be the smile of wisdom.

#Photo by Liesbeth Viaene:


This picture was taken back in April 2013 during my one week trip through Gambia. We visited this small class room and the children were so sweet and didn’t stop posing in front of the camera, especially this little boy. I couldn’t stop laughing, he was so cute!

#Photo by Tapas Biswas:


I shot this image during an art fair in West Bengal, India. This extremely poor lady carries her livelihood by painting clay pots and selling them in various fairs throughout the year. It was the hardship of her life on her face, which caught my attention.

#Photo by Fahad Bin Solaiman:


The photo was taken during my journey to ‘Lengtar Mela’. It is a festival which takes place for a whole month every year. It is a gathering of more then hundred thousand people and a huge number of shadhu’s. The shadhu was also on his way to ‘Lengtar Mela’.

#Photo by Marc Flament:


This is a picture of an enthusiastic young girl selling coloured fabrics in Oaxaca, Mexico.

#Photo by Bert Reubens:


I took this portrait of a South-African school girl at a seal-show in Port Elizabeth.

#Photo by Antwan Janssen:

This shot is made at the Himba people in Namibia. We visited them for two days and I made some beautiful pictures of them.

#Photo by Michael Chojnacki:

A temple caretaker in front of the temple’s main entrance. Along with other several women, she lives at the temple and handle the day-to-day tasks, allowing younger monks to study at the school next door. Kep area, Cambodia, August 2012

#Photo by Marjo Schaeffer:

Recently I was in Barcelona and I took this shot in the underground.. He was in a hurry, the others were not.

#Photo by Chan Yi Lin:


#Photo by Claudia Kolman:


Happiness in township Capetown

#Photo by Sicco Brand:


I took this photo in Dieppe, France. The photo seems to be orchestrated because in the expressions of the participants you can see a movie. But it isn’t. You can see a whole story about a conflict in the family, a quarrel about whatever…. if you have imagination you can make your own movie. And dogs don’t participate!

Photo by Samuel Langlais:

Here is a picture I took in Peru. It was at a restaurant on the way up towards a trail for a mountain hike. We were quite glad to see the woman come and tame the turkey. For previous to this picture it was attacking the guests. It was a good day.

#Photo by Raiyani Muharramah:

Raiyani-Muharramah-sacred-mummy-travel-portraitWim Motok Mabel is the name of the sacred mummy of which the citizens of the Kerulu District, Baliem Valley take care. This 278-year-old mummy is preserved in the traditional way and is a powerful magnet for tourists in Papua, Indonesia.

#Photo by Trần Văn Túy:


Her face is so cute alien. I took this photo while traveling on the shores of Mui Ne bie ODU history of Vietnam.

#Photo by Eleanor Bennett:

A group in practice for Hare Krishna.

# Photo by Martijn Meijerink:

Janjanbureh Martijn Meijerink
I took this picture on Janjanbureh Island, The Gambia. It’s an island where slaves used to be shipped to other places on the world. This girl immediately caught my eye. She came to our jeep to sell fruit, but was to shy to pose. I didn’t understand what she was saying so I tried to convince her with gestures and smiling. Eventually she found the courage to look into the lens. This is what she gave me.

#Photo by Erica de Haas:


An old lady in Warsaw. She is obviously not a tourist, but more part of the tourist experience.

# Photo by Bethaney Davies (Flashpacker Family):

Burma Bethaney Davies

This is a photo from my 2009 trip to Burma. I’ve never met people so keen to have their picture taken. I have a whole album of photos full of locals who wanted me to take a portrait of them but this girl was my favourite. She was selling gold leaf offerings at a temple in Yangon with her grandmother who you can see in the background of the photo.

# Photo by Dave Yuhas:


I made this portrait while traveling in rural Rajasthan, India. I was with an Indian guide; I doubt I would have been able to photograph the woman if I was alone.

Photo by Lisa Anne Maisey:


Watching the sunset in the Sahara Desert with a local.
# Photo by Iosif Cadelina:

Iosif Cadalina

Wandering sadhu in Dharamshala, India.

# Photo by Cosimo Chirico:
Every morning at 8 o clock the inhabitants of Hampi, Karnataka, India, go to the Tungabhadra river that crosses the town to bath with Lakshmi, their sacred elephant. People donate coins, bananas, rice and Lakshmi blesses them all with her proboscis.

#Photo by Jeff of Boots and Backpacks:

The dignity and beauty of a fisher-woman in Mui Ne, Vietnam. Two to four people wade out and set the net before pulling it into the beach a few minutes later. Catches can vary from bountiful to meagre.

#Photo by Gilchrist Yeo Tun Boon:


#Photo by Mathew Bell (MRyanPhotography):

I took this photography whilst in Afghanistan last year. This gentleman was working on his fields, I stopped him and asked for a quick photography by using hand signs and the little Pashtun I had picked up. I am still not sure if he was very obliging, but the photo speaks for itself.

#Photo by Leka Huie:


Street Monkey Shows are still very popular around the world. In different cultures people – especially children – really enjoy this traditional street art performance. This picture was taken in Toronto, Canada.

#Photo by Cassandra Moons:

This is the chief’s son from a rural Masai village in Tanzania. His vigorous warrior appearance left no doubts that he will be the next man in charge.

#Photo by Debbie Rehr:

I took this photo in a tiny village along the Mekong River in Cambodia not far from the capital of Phnom Penh. The little boy in the picture was initially very shy and was holding on tightly to his grandfather when we first arrived in the village. But, before long he became quite excited to see foreigners and began running around all over the place, including in and out of a Buddhist temple which is in the center of the village.
The young child in an ancient setting. A new generation of Cambodians, after years of genocide where the entire educated class of people was murdered under the reign of the Khmer Rouge (1975-1979).

#Photo by John Arts:

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When I was travelling by train from Bandung to Yogyakarta I saw this young man leaning against a pole on one of the railway-stations. He was smoking a cigarette and enjoying the few sun-rays, that entered the station. Maybe he was thinking of the sense of life, maybe he was just waiting for his train. But the combination of sun-rays, smoke and his expression made it a beautiful picture.

#Photo by Simon Hoekx:

Kids in the jungle of Mondulkiri, Cambodia.

#Photo by Jeannette Pepers:


On the island Tanna in Vanuatu there are a number of villages where the old traditions are being kept alive. These children come from the village near the active volcano Yasur.

#Photo by Roshni Bijlani:


This picture is taken in an ancient Indian village of Malana, Himachal Pradesh, India. Unaffected by modern civilisation, Malana has its own lifestyle and social structure. People are strict in following their customs. This man is taking home red flowers from the Parvati Valley, used as delicacy in their meat.

#Photo by Haryadi Bakri (Flickr):


I was a young boy when Japan landed here.

Together with my friend I went to Berhala Island, in the Berhala Strait, Indonesia, where I was invited by Atuk Ismail to hear his story about his life during the time that Japan invaded South East Asia in 1945. Atuk Ismael was a young boy when Japanese troops landed at Berhala Island and he told me, that he often had to walk through the jungle to an unknown destination with his eyes closed and tied up. Once at the location he had to dug many holes to hide things. During my visit I could capture his emotions freely. I also made videos in black and white, which you can find on YouTube.

It is not easy to reach the island and we spent hours on a small wooden diesel boat sailing between high wave and many rocks in the middle of the sea. I spent 48 hours at 3 islands to get here.

#Photo by Corrine Raijmaakers:


I took this picture in Amboseli, Kenia. It is a Masai warrior.

#Photo by JP de Pont:


I shot this photo of a young monk at a monastery in a little village at Inle Lake in Myanmar about a month ago when I was there on holiday.

#Photo by Shammi Sood:



A bond, mutual affection, sharing secrets, laughter, sad times, chit-chats, agreements, disagreements, love… that’s Friendship. A photo taken of Friends who have grown in the relationship in a village in Himalayas of India.

#Photo by Swaroop Singha Roy:


The timid boy

I took this photo during my trip to the Sunderbans. It was an early winter morning and I was roaming around the banks of the river to photograph a few birds when I suddenly noticed this little boy from the local village. It was bitterly cold and this boy hardly had any warm clothes to wear.

#Photo by Chiranjit Shee:


I took this picture in Kodaikanal Tamilnadu. This poor boy helps his mother to sell water to tourists. To me, he has two faces: one is obviously the poverty, but another is the innocence. I tried to captured both in his eyes.

#Photo by Anurug Mishra:


I took this picture in Ramaling village, in West Kameng district, Arunachal Pradesh, India. The children showed an apprehensive/ curious expression on their faces upon seeing a stranger (.. me!) in their village. The contrasting expressions on the faces is what makes this image special to me.

#Photo by Han Hilderink (www.hanhilderink.nl):

Woman in Kathmandu, Nepal by Han Hilderink

Woman in Kathmandu, Nepal – Han Hilderink

Last year I visited my daughter, who stayed in Kathmandu for half a year. She lived and worked there in Bodhanad. Many Tibetans visited the temple there, it’s a holy, sacred place for them. This old lady came to me to look at her portrait and there was a smile on her face. Nice to see!

#Photo by Esther Slijkerman:

Girl Dancing In Parade in El Salvador by Esther Slijkerman

Girl Dancing In Parade in El Salvador – Esther Slijkerman

This girl was walking a parade on Independence Day in El Salvador. Walking a parade is hard work. The children start walking/dancing/making music early in the morning until the end of the afternoon at a temperture up to 35° celcius. I think this girl was fed up with it. She was probably hot, tired and hungry. Her face speaks a thousand words.

#Photo by Michel Janssen:

The Basket Maker, China by Michel Janssen

The Basket Maker in Zhouzhuang, China – Michel Janssen

I took this shot in Zhouzhuang, China. The basket maker was not that amused by having his picture taken and threw the basket demonstratively in the air!

#Photo by Margo Veldhuizen (gorke.magix.net):

Orissa, Bonda - Margo Veldhuizen

Orissa, Bonda – Margo Veldhuizen

#Photo by Jordi Strijdhorst (www.macrografie.nl):

Boy in the back of a truck with his goat - Jordi Strijdhorst

Boy in the back of a truck with his goat – Jordi Strijdhorst

I took this photo in Jordan at a goat market. This little boy was sitting in the back of a truck with his goat.

#Photo by Anthony Jonker:

Untitled - Anthony Jonker

Untitled – Anthony Jonker


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