The Story of M – A Victim of Human Trafficking


A few years ago Ben Randall was a long-term traveller enjoying the amazing food and the company of the incredible, kind people of SE Asia. He lived in small rural villages and befriended locals all over the region.

Sadly, Ben discovered something that would have otherwise been the farthest from his mind, human trafficking.

kidnapped-in-vietnam-77 Padang, Sumatra

One of the local friends he made was a 15-year-old girl from northern Vietnam who, a year after Ben left, was kidnapped and taken across the border into China. To protect her identity we’ll call her “M”. It’s thought that she was either sold as a bride or was forced into the sex trade. She hasn’t been heard from in over two years.

Human-trafficking Human-Trafficking-Story-52Ben decided he needed to find out what happened to his friend M and bring more awareness to human trafficking. He founded ‘The Human, Earth Project’ which to date has largely been self-funded. Now he’s filming a feature-length documentary while retracing his previous travels throughout Asia to try to find M and gain a better understanding of the problems and issues that are driving the sale of people.


As Ben searched for more information on what had happened to M, he realized she was not alone. One report suggests there are as many as 27 million victims of human trafficking right now, with the majority of them in Asia and the Pacific. A third of these victims are said to be children and most victims of human trafficking will have experienced physical or sexual violence since being kidnapped.

Please take three minutes to watch the video.

Ben needs your help in order to have any chance of bringing M home and exposing this horrible industry. A small donation will go a long way to assist in producing the documentary. In return you get some of Ben’s beautiful photographs or maybe even a credit in the film. You can find more information on the crowdfunding page below.

Visit The Human, Earth Project crowdfunding page.

human-trading Human-trafficking

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This is a guest post by The Human Earth Project, a project that is close to my heart. All photos have been made by Ben Randall himself and are also available for sale.


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