Initially SHOuTography functioned as a platform to showcase and share my photography while I travelled through all corners of South America. The SHOuTography project, as I tend to call it, has been a great way to explore my passions for photography, writing and travel. Passions that will always stay close to my heart, whether I am travelling or not.

Shutting this website down after ending my fifty weeks long travels and returning home, was therefore simply put not an option. I thus decided that I would continue with posting pictures of upcoming and past travels on this website, so it would become a website with travel photos from all around the world.


Apart from that I did feel the wish to also start writing more and although I nowadays mostly do this for my other website Art Weekenders, I occassionally put on travel stories on SHOuTography as well.

With my photos and posts I would like to stimulate you to go out and explore the world together with your camera, whether it’s a DSLR, an iPhone or just a simple compact camera. In any case, I really recommend you to take some kind of camera with you wherever you go, just not to miss that one perfect picture moment.

As from the start of this blog I have mainly written in English, mostly because many of my friends, including my partner, are English speaking or at least have a better understanding of English than they have of my native language, which is Dutch.

I have by now travelled through 59 countries worldwide and am looking forward to visit many more, although I would certainly not mind returning to some of my favourites like Colombia and Brazil or just to see one of those countries I have already seen again, just to see what changed and/or see even more of these regions.

I have contributed with my photos and content to articles in the Huffington Post and sites like Journeywoman for International Women’s Day 2014 and International Women’s Day 2015, Travel Photo Discovery, Unesco Geek and Everintransit. Besides that I occasionally do photo-shoots for local businesses. I am also the co-founder, writer, editor and photographer of the cultural travel website ArtWeekenders with which we won the Best Cultural Nomad Award 2018.

You can also follow me on Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.

When I am not on the road, you can find me in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

– Lydian –